The automotive industry has been revolutionized with the increased adoption of telematics in vehicles including GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, and Satellite Radio. With these advancements in communications technology and increased consumer demand for a diverse array of on-board telematics services, RF communications systems have become integral components of today’s automobiles. Vinsurwaves industry leading product line meets both FAKRA and USCAR standards with such features as 12 different mechanical and color codes, plastic housing with locking feature and audible clicking noise, minimum of 100 mating cycles and a frequency range of DC to 6 GHz. 



Broadband refers to a communication system which transports information across a single channel, such as cable, DSL, ISDN, and corporate LAN. At the back-end of this market are the hubs/HFC networks connecting the subscriber’s premises to the headend/backbone infrastructure. The majority of the equipment in the broadband market is found within this headend which brings external services – satellite video, off-the-air video, Internet data, and voice – into the cable operator’s access network. Vinsurwaves offers a range of 50 and 75 ohm RF interconnect products including board-to-board connectors, cable assemblies, and adapters. IP67 and IP68 rated waterproof connectors are ideal for applications where products are exposed to the elements.

5G Technology

Every day millions of people rely on cell phones and other wireless devices for communication. Base stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cell networks, and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) play a key role in facilitating uninterrupted services. Wireless infrastructure is the hardware backbone of mobile and fixed wireless networks. 5G, the next generation of mobile network standards, promises high data rates to enable low-latency applications including safe autonomous driving and 4K video streaming to smartphones. Vinsurwaves is prepared for 5G, with innovative new RF product lines as well as industry standard products. Connectors, adapters and cable assemblies from Vinsurwaves include high density, low cost, and robust products to enable the wireless infrastructure evolution.



The ever expanding medical field is now implementing concepts of telehealth and tele rehabilitation to expedite the process of transmitting information. This rapidly developing application of clinical medicine transmits information either in real time or is scheduled at specific times throughout the day. RF transceivers are at the forefront of the trend to supplement wireless communications for medical implantable devices. These devices not only include cardiac products such as pacemakers, but also extend to glucose insulin monitors for diabetes management and vascular blood pressure monitors. Due to the critical nature of medical applications, Vinsurwaves adheres to strict quality procedures to ensure that our products offer consistent reliability in any medical environment.

Military & Defence

RF components perform vital functions in mission-critical military electronic systems. Such products require superior performance and reliability in hostile environments and stressful conditions. We offer solutions to defense applications such as ruggedized communications, flight management systems, missiles and radar. Vinsurwaves is recognized as a leading supplier in the military industry for its quality MIL-C-39012 interconnects and innovative product solutions. With decades of expertise in harsh environment interconnects for land, sea, and space, we are a natural partner to support a broad range of ruggedized, high-performance connector and cable assembly requirements. Our forward looking designs and industry leading manufacturing excellence ensures consistent dependability in any battlefield.


Industry 4.0

Often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Industry 4.0 comprises a breadth of technologies that enable industrial and supply chain automation. Cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and the Internet of Things can create a smart factory or optimize an industrial process. The benefits to end users include increased safety and efficiency, cost savings, streamlined processes, fault detection, predictive maintenance, and more. Sealed and Waterproof Solutions: As many industrial settings are exposed to water and other materials, sealed electronics can be critical. IP-rated sealed connectors, cable assemblies, and adapters from Vinsurwaves enables wireless and coaxial connectivity for mission-critical Industry 4.0 data transfer.

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